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lil Coffea Shop is Proud to feature Denver Based Coffee Roaster, Huckleberry Roasters is in constant pursuit of serving tasty coffee and making happy people. To accomplish both of those goals, Huckleberry Roasters strives to be a socially conscious business that invests in people and seeks out collaboration, both locally and globally.
We get truly excited about the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our coffee to every single person that walks through our cafe doors, every visitor to our website looking to bring Huck into their home, and via all of our wholesale partners who serve Huckleberry to their guests & customers. We believe that no matter where you’re coming from on the coffee drinking spectrum, or where you’re sitting down to enjoy a cup, that you will find a coffee experience you enjoy and cherish.


We are also proud to feature all the breakfast and lunch items from our local freshly made at Olive & Finch. Our focus is scratch-made, delicious food delectably made to order. We know a home-cooked meal or full dining-out experience is not always an option, but we also know the quality of your food should never be compromised—that’s why we’re here. We’ve spruced up a selection of classic recipes along with a variety of unique dishes, all made with our love for savory food made fresh.

As your local neighborhood eatery, we’re always cooking delicious food made from scratch in a quaint, casual setting. So whether you need a light snack to go or you’re ready to take a seat and have a full, nutritious meal, lil Coffea Shop offers Olive & Finch food menu.
Our Special Menu

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House Favorites
All coffee Food
$ 4.65
$ 5.25
$ 9.95
latte toast +
$ 3.75
$ 8.00
$ 5.05