Coffee keeps us awake & awake alert to many who are night owls, and some need it to get started in the morning. For many of us, it boosts energy & a stress reliever. Also, it calms the nerves and keeps one relaxed because of its stimulating qualities. Therefore, it is a comforting winter drink that warms from head to toe. 

Ever wondered why the coffee shops serve it with a slice of cake? Because they go well together. Usually, the bitterness of the hot drink goes well with sweet foods. It makes you enjoy that little conversation with your friends or partner. Also, it makes you relaxed, and you will enjoy yourself as you meet new people at the party. Hence, if you want to be social but don’t want to drink alcohol, drag a cup because it is a social drink.

Here are a few reasons why people love it:

It has potential health benefits

  • Researchers suggest that the regular consumption of this hot beverage may decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • A few study reviews suggest that people who consumed it regularly had significantly lowered the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.
  • People who consume this hot drink are physically active, and decreases body fat & helps in weight management.
  • It lowers the risk of depression & supports heart health.
  • It increases longevity when consumed within a limit.

Coffee can be a comforting routine 

If you are someone who lives in a cold climate, pouring yourself a favorite hot drink can warm your soul. Furthermore, there is always an option of a cold one for someone living in hot climates. Besides, the beverage helps to kick start their morning to be productive all day for some. Others rely on it to give themselves a boost in the afternoons. So, no matter what, coffee is always there for you.         

Coffee encourages social interaction

Many coffee shops offer a relaxing environment with inviting décor and music. Besides, it can be a place to gather for a business meeting or enjoy little conversations with their loved ones. People love to catch up with their friends in a cozy little café to enjoy the beverage along with a side snack.

There are so many coffee drinks to discover; here are the few types :

Black Coffee: It is a simple coffee, as the beans are steep in hot water before serving. The quality is essential as it is made without milk and sugar.

Latte: This is made plain or with an add-on flavor. Latte comprises steamed milk and a shot of espresso with a touch of foam.

Americano: This flavor is similar to black. The espresso shot is diluted in hot water

Espresso: It is the base for many coffee drinks, and it can be served solo.

Cappuccino: Like a latte, it contains milk; the only difference is that the milk froths into a macrofoam while the latte is mixed with hot milk.

Affogato: It is a dessert that contains ice cream and espresso.

Mocha: It is the combination of chocolate espresso, steamed milk & foam.

Macchiato: This drink involves the technique of pouring espresso directly into a small amount of steamed milk, leaving a spot espresso on top of the milk.

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